Distress Assets Funding

The marketplace for rebuilding troubled companies has perhaps never been as fertile as today. A new day is dawning for firms that specialize in rebuilding troubled companies.

While venture capital hasn't been bringing the returns it used to, other parts of private equity investing have come into play. Distressed private equity is now seen as a necessary component of the business environment and a viable investment category.

Determining between the "train wrecks and the company that is just underachieving but has lots of potential." This might seem simple enough, but in fact it takes tremendous skill to correctly assess the lost cause from the salvageable. Good times or bad, there are always companies that are inefficient and not realizing their potential. Correct pricing of the deal is a crucial factor.

We have conducted due diligence on all types of distressed equity proposals and have analyzed quite a few deals for Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Private Equity Groups and Opportunity Funds.

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